Stress Management by Meditation

In today’s busy professional life with competing priorities and tight deadlines, management of stress has become very important. If stress is continuously more than one’s ability to cope and not managed properly, it may lead to physical and mental health issues and can intervene in personal life. Meditation is a very effective tool in dealing with stress and help lead a happy life. Brisbane Chapter of ICAI organised a session on Stress Management on April 20th. Session was very well received by members with 17 members attending. Nishi Saran, Art of Living teacher took members on the wonderful journey of meditation. She discussed various benefits of meditation.

Regular meditation not only helps with improving focus and relaxing the mind it also helps with maintaining blood pressure, keeping heart healthy and boosting energy level. Twenty minutes of deep meditation can be equivalent to up to six to eight hours of sleep. She also guided members through a guided meditation. Most of the members felt relaxed and calm after the meditation. She also discussed few breathing techniques like alternate nostril breathing which can help with calming the mind before going in to meditation. As Nishiji rightly mentioned, meditation is not a luxury any more it has become a necessity to cope with stress and pressure of hustle and bustle of daily life. Daily practice of meditation can bring immense benefits for improving physical wellbeing and help in dealing with anger, stress and anxiety.

The session was registered for CPE hours and all ICAI members were credited with two hours.