Cyber Security- What you need to know as an Accountant

A technical session on Cyber Security was the next event in the Chapter’s calendar. CA Bijay Agarwal courteously arranged the venue for the session at his office at Montague Road, South Brisbane. The session was conducted by Mr Vineet Arora, Senior Consultant at E&Y on 21st June. Vineet updated the members with statistics from EY’s 2015 Global Information Security Survey and the spread of Cybercrime in the business world. He also identified key aspects on a Cyber security incident and the various developments in the cyber world. Vineet also helped identify the various types of threats in the everevolving cyber world.

Being a subject of relevance to everybody, the audiences were kept engaged through the presentation. 12 members attended this event and as per past practice, the presentation emailed to all fee-paying members. The session was concluded with a vote of thanks by CA Bijay Agarwal and a token gift to the presenter by CA Surender Sharma, Chairman of the Chapter. The session was approved by the ICAI for 2 CPE hours and all members who attended were credited with the same.