Message from the Chairman

We are pleased to achieve another milestone with the launch of this website of Australian (Brisbane) Chapter of ICAI.
Brisbane Chapter is a not for profit organisation to promote & enhance recognition and acceptance of knowledge, skills, and education through continuous professional & social development of its members.

The affairs of the chapter are managed by Management Committee on a voluntary basis. There are dedicated members who provide their support for development & progression of this chapter.

Over the period of time, Brisbane Chapter has reached a level where we organise monthly CPD events consisting of technical sessions, soft skills sessions, social events for family, study tours & quarterly newsletter.

New members who arrive in Brisbane are welcome to the chapter. We provide new members a platform where you can openly discuss your issues. Senior fellow members are available for guidance, job hunting, and career progression.

We encourage our fellow professionals to become a member of Brisbane Chapter and take advantage of professional development, networking, peer support and socialisation.

We look forward to seeing you and be connected in person and through this website.

Very best regards

Surender Sharma
Chairman, Brisbane Chapter of ICAI
Mobile: 0415 712 980
Email: [email protected]