Q & A

Q.  Is Brisbane chapter branch of Australian Chapter of ICAI, Sydney?
A.  No. Brisbane chapter is an independently incorporated organisation registered in Brisbane with office of Fare &          Trading.

Q.  How much is the annual membership fee and when fee is due?
A.  Annual membership fee at present is $50 and falls due on 1st July every year.  The amount of membership fees is revised  by management committee from time to time.

Q.  Where technical sessions are held?
A.  Technical sessions are primarily held in and around Brisbane with public transport/car park access.

Q.  Does member get CPE credit for attending technical sessions in Brisbane?
A.  Yes. Our all technical sessions are approved by ICAI and members who attend it gets 2 CPD hours.

Q.  Are technical sessions streamed online?
A.  Not at present.  However, we are looking into it and will provide this facility to our members living far off.

Q.  Are regular networking events organised for the benefit of members?
A.  Yes. There are opportunities for networking in every technical session.  Besides we also organise family social events  where you may find like-minded family friends.

Q.  Is Brisbane chapter point of contact for ICAI e.g. for submitting forms etc.?
A.  Yes. We assist our members to sort out issues with ICAI.  Approaching ICAI through the chapter expedites the  resolution process.

Q.  Can a member of ICAI but not a member of Brisbane chapter attend technical sessions organised by the Brisbane  chapter?
A.  We encourage all professional associates to become a member of the chapter.

Q.  Can Chapter arrange for some jobs for me and my family in Australia?
A.  We are not a recruitment agency.  However, we provide support to our members in finding a job by circulating jobs  available in members’ organisations, circulating CVs to the wider network, career guidance by senior fellow members.

Q.  Does chapter help the Children of the members to get admission into Australian schools?
A.  No.

Q.  Can I look for Chapter’s help to find out accommodation for my family?
A.  We circulate your need amongst members.

Q.  Can we get local CA/CPA qualification with the help of the Chapter?
A.  Members of the chapter will provide you guidance to achieve this.

Q.  Can I pay membership fees after I settle down and get a job?
A.  We analyse hardship of individual members and may defer fee payment with mutual understanding.

Q.  Is there any other commitments than paying fees to the Chapter?
A.  We encourage you to attend all events of the chapter.  This will widen your horizon.