Stress Management through Meditation:

In our professional and personal life, time comes when taking a deep breath helps momentarily to control our anger, stress and anxiety. However, Meditation is an effective tool to overcome stress, calm the mind and stay focused.  Today’s stress and tension in life with greater responsibilities and ambitions, there is greater need of regular meditation to be happy & healthy.
The Brisbane Chapter of ICAI is providing an opportunity for our members & their spouse / partner by organising beginner session on Meditation technique to overcome stress and keep smiling.  Nishi Saran has kindly agreed to conduct this session for us – brief about her:

Nishi Saran, teacher by profession, is meditation guru who emphasises the value of meditation in our daily life. It is the way to develop one’s abilities and maintain focus.   She is a volunteer teacher for Art of Living with more than 15 years experience of teaching yoga; meditation & breathing techniques to varied groups in Australia, Middle East and in India.